Real Estate Staging

We tour your entire home and view it with "buyer eyes." We seek out the positive features and areas of concern.

You will receive several "before" photos and a detailed written report with suggestions to maximize the sales appeal of your home. The action plan includes cost-effective solutions to minimize the home's trouble spots and highlight the positive features.

Suggestions may include editing and clearing clutter, upgrades, deferred maintenance, decorating or design changes, furniture arranging or accessorizing. Our goal for all recommendations is to create a home that appeals to the widest range of buyers while investing the least amount of time and money.

You implement the suggested plan yourself as your time, energy and budget allow. Or you may choose to use our staging service and have us perform some or all of the work at our low hourly rate.

$200 (up to 3 hours)
Real Estate Staging

When the property is in good basic shape, clutter has been cleared, and needed painting or maintenance has been completed, it's time to make the home show ready and to create a vision that makes buyers fall in love and make offers.

We use creative furniture placement and artful accessories to create favorable impressions everywhere the eyes rest. We showcase the home's best features to make it easy for buyers to connect emotionally to it, and to visualize themselves living well in it.

$200 (up to 3.5 hours) plus the cost of materials, accessories or furniture rental if needed

Knowing what needs to be done and doing it are two different things. We can help with packing and editing, furniture placement and accessory choices, and preparation for open houses.

We are happy to make quality referrals for trades people if necessary.

$50 per hour
Real Estate Staging -
Get Your House Sold

A house on the market is a "product" for sale. Make yours the home most desired by potential buyers.

Fast, low-cost remedies have big impact, and get you more offers.

Create a vision of the lifestyle buyers want to live.

Successful realtors know that people decide if they like a house within 10 seconds. Make sure you're making a good first impression by staging your home before putting it on the market.

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