Interior Redesign

During the consultation we discuss your circumstances, goals for the room, your style preferences, what you like in the room, and what is not working.

This is an opportunity to ask questions, take notes, and get answers to some of your specific design questions.

Together we take a quick tour of the rest of your home to gather insight into your personal style and tastes.

$75 (up to 1.5 hours)

Includes a $50 credit for any interior redesign service scheduled within 30 days.

Interior Redesign

We start by clearing the room.

Using creativity and proven design principles, and keeping in mind your preferences and goals for the space, we return and rearrange your funiture, art and accessories to create a unique new look that represents your taste and lifestyle.

With your permission, we borrow items from other rooms in your house to complete the transformation.

When appropriate, suggestions to enhance the overall look of the space with changes outside the scope of a transformation (like paint color and accessories) are given.

$200 per room (up to 3.5 hours)

Interior Redesign -
Save Time & Money

This is a total room transformation, using the furniture and accessories you already own.

Enjoy rooms that reflect your unique personal style and function well for the way you want to live today.

This is perfect for anyone desiring a fresh look, or going through one of life's transitions -- marriage, merging two homes, new baby, downsizing, senior living.

The process is fast, easy, affordable and fun.

Consider giving a redesign as a gift to a deserving parent, child or friend.

Fast, Easy and Affordable Room Transformations
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